Dental Checkup Killarney

Guide to fees for some treatments provided

We strive to provide quality care at cost effective prices for our patients. Please note that these fees are a rough guide. You will be given a proper costing once we have examined your needs and formulated a proper treatment plan.

Dental Examination
(normally not charged if treatment is commenced on the same visit)
X-rays - Small€15
X-rays - Panoramic€55
Hygiene visit with Dental Hygienist€65
Deep scaling€75
Fillings – Silver (from)€75
Fillings – White (from)€75
Extractions (Routine)€75
Extractions (Surgical)€120
Root Canal Treatments€275 - €500
Dentures (Acrylic based)€250 - €450
Dentures (Metal based)€900
Crowns/Bridges (from)€650 per unit
Porcelain Veneer€500
Tooth Whitening – complete course of Home Bleaching€250

We accept payment by cash, cheque, debit or credit card.

Itemised receipts will be provided following treatment. These will enable you to make a claim from VHI Decare, HSF, ST.Pauls or any other dental insurance company.